Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate are your measuring tapes?

DataPro tapes are accurate to 1/16 inch.

How does the re-zero function work?

Simply extend the blade to the distance that you want to re-set zero.  Select “zero” from the function button and the “0.0” reading on the display will be reset to that blade position.

What is an “inside” measure? How does the “inside” measure function work?

An “inside” measurement refers to a space like the inside of a window frame or doorway, or the inside of a confined space.  Taking such a measurement is often more difficult, as the tape measure body may be physically blocked from being held back far enough to take a reading.  Doing this with a regular tape measure requires that the user either 1) bend the tape blade at a sharp angle to reach the near surface, or 2) measure with the rear of the tape body against the near surface and then add the width of the tape measure.  The first option sacrifices accuracy in reading the tape, the second requires that the user do math.  We recommend using the DataPro25.  With the touch of a button it zeros the tape to the back edge of the tape body for an accurate, easy inside measurement.

What unit display options are there for the DataPro25?

The DataPro25 can easily be changed by the user to display:

  • inches in fractions to 1/16” resolution
  • inches in decimal to 0.1” resolution
  • feet and inches (in fractions)
  • centimeters (in decimal to 0.1 cm resolution)

What unit display options are there for the DataPro One?

The DataPro One can be programmed or user-selected to display:

  • inches in fractions to 1/16” resolution
  • centimeters in decimal to 0.1” resolution
  • centimeters and millimeters

What type of battery charge does the DataPro One take?

The charging power is 3.7 V at 100 mAh.  The device connects for charging by USB-B.

How long does the battery charge last?

The charge should last for weeks of periodic use.  The duration of the charge depends on not only how long the unit is “on” but also how much the tape is extended and retracted, which uses more power.  We recommend charging daily for professional users who use the device frequently throughout the day.  We are in the process of testing this to provide a more precise charge estimate.

How far can the wireless transmission reach?

The devices transmit a minimum 15 feet if the signal is not obscured by metal or a dense barrier.  We are in the process of testing this to provide a more precise transmission estimate.

What is the size of the DataPro One?

The DataPro One tape body is 3.8 inches long and 2.75 inches high.  The display is 1.4” wide by 0.6” tall.  The flexible overmolded fiberglass blade measures to 64 inch lengths, and is 10mm wide.  Our metal blade for the DataPro One will be 80 inches long.  The unit weighs only 140 grams with the flexible blade, and is ergonomically contoured for easy operation by any size hand.

What software connects with DataPro tools?

Currently the DataPro Spreadsheet is available on Google Play, and our products integrate with the AutoSet CutList software offered by Velocity Robotics.  We are developing new applications and partnering with developers to expand the range of DataPro Tools’ software functionality.  Please check back soon.

How can I get a copy of the API for the firmware to understand how it will integrate to my software?

Please email us.  We would be glad to provide an API; but will need a signed non-disclosure agreement.

How can I buy a DataPro One?

We are only selling the DataPro One to our industry customers through a pilot program right now.  If you are a business wishing to join our pilot program then please send us an email. 

When will the DataPro 25 be released? How can I buy one?

The DataPro25 will be released through a Kickstarter campaign starting on April 1.  Please visit Need Link! to go to the campaign.  Wholesale inquiries please email us directly.  Please check back for more purchase options soon.